Biography: Dr. Bart Macco

Bart Macco is a postdoctoral researcher at the Eindhoven University of Technology. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Applied Physics at the same university in 2016, with his thesis titled “Atomic Layer Deposition of Metal Oxide Thin Films for Si Heterojunction Solar Cells“. During his PhD Bart pioneered the use of ALD to prepare metal oxide films for Si heterojunction solar cells. Specifically, he employed ALD processes for the preparation of transparent conductive oxides (TCOs) in such cells and demonstrated that ALD has distinct merits in this field: its non-damaging character (“soft deposition”) and excellent level of doping control. In addition, he developed a process to prepare hydrogen-doped indium oxide films (In2O3:H) with extremely high electrical conductivity and optical transparency. He unravelled the physics behind the doping and electron scattering in this material, and demonstrated that his In2O3:H was of the highest physically achievable quality. For this work the American Vacuum Society awarded him with the James M.E. Harper Memorial Award, and he got several presentation awards from international conferences, including the MRS and ALD conferences. Later on in his PhD he widened the scope of his project to the upcoming topic of passivating contacts. Such contacts consist of (a stack of) thin films that simultaneously passivate a silicon surface and efficiently extract the majority carrier, and are a highly promising route for lean and inexpensive production of high-efficiency silicon solar cells. The knowledge on passivation, TCOs and passivating contacts was culminated in a Wiley book chapter, titled “Atomic Layer Deposition for High-Efficiency c-Si Solar Cells“. Besides these purely academic activities, Bart is co-founder of AtomicLimits, a blog through which experiences, insights and visions in the field of atomic scale processing are disseminated. Finally, he is the maintainer of this website and co-owner of the software company Macco, for which he develops language-learning applications.