Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

Purpose of the data processing

The organisers of ALDAcademy respect the privacy of all attendees and will process their personal data accordingly. ALDAcademy processes personal data for the following purposes:

  • (a) To compile the program of the conference.
  • (b) To facilitate invoicing, upon request.
  • (c) If applicable, to arrange for transport to/from the workshop venue.
  • (d) Planning of catering during the workshop.

Some more details on our data processing

We are only collecting (personal) data that is strictly necessary in order to organise the workshop. These data are collected through an online registration form thereby using WordPress forms. Once the (extended) registration deadline has passed the collected data will be removed from our server.

More precisely, the collected items are:

  • (A1) Personal data (required)
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Affiliation
    • Email address
    • Address (Street, city, postal code, country)
  • (A2) Personal data (optional)
    • Gender
    • Website
  • (B) Other Data
    • Dietary preference

Data from category A1 is only accessible to the local organisers. Your email address is used in order to send a confirmation email after successful registration and to keep you informed on updates regarding the workshop. First and last name and affiliation will be used for the badges. The address will be used to prepare the invoices, if needed.  Data from category A2 is only visible to the local organisers and can potentially be used to give anonymised statistics on the origin and gender of the participants. Data from category B is only visible to the local organisers and is used to establish the anonymised list for the meals.

Data will be processed and stored in a protected environment of the local organisers. None of the collected data will be shared with other (third) parties or for other purpose than stated here.

While visiting our webpage data is collected that is automatically sent by your computer, mobile equipment or other equipment which is used to access our site. More precisely, the following data is collected for the management and improvement of our webpage as well as troubleshooting purposes:

  • connection details (e.g. IP address),
  • browser details,
  • visited pages on our site,
  • duration of your visit.

Questions about data protection

If you have general questions and/or complaints in connection with (the processing of) personal data do not hesitate to contact us (

Last update:17-10-2018